[Dark Dracu] Star and Moon: The story of Alexander

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2009-Jun-13 @ 1:15 AM
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[Dark Dracu] Star and Moon: The story of Alexander

Alexander thinks it just the beginning of school for him. The culture he attempts to prove is real, takes him in a whole new direction.


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2009-Jun-22 @ 8:25 PM
Dark Dracu
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Yay! Well I will be posting chapter two some time this week. Hope you guys enjoy!


2009-Jun-29 @ 1:36 AM
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While the subject sonds promising, your language difficulties make it a bit hard to read. Maybe you should try to get a native english speaker to do some editing. Also you should give your text more visual structure like linebreaks and paragraph separators.

Anyway, keep up the effort!

(posted from Dust and claw)