[Brent] Potions

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2009-Oct-14 @ 9:05 AM
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[Brent] Potions

Short stories about a man named Smith and the people he sells mind control potions to.

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2010-Jun-28 @ 4:31 AM
James Marcus
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Interesting Concept. The dialog was good and the interactions were nice. The only sugestion I can give would be to include more descrition on what is going on around the characters.

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2010-Jul-5 @ 12:42 PM
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This set isn't bad.  I see some progression in plot twists through the chapters as well as some growth and an ability to change the story as needed.  Nice work.

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2010-Jul-6 @ 4:27 AM
Eric Storm
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I appreciate that you are giving feedback to our prospective authors.  Were you one of the two (yes, only TWO) people who also used the recommendation system for this story?

I'd like to remind everyone that the recommendation system is the "voting mechanism" used to determine whether we ask this author to stay permanently or not...

Eric Storm

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