Woodward Academy, Year 2, The

(Serial / Novel - Completed)

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Originally Posted on: 2011-12-31
Last Updated on: 2015-10-11
Genre(s): Fantasy
Code(s) Used: bd, first, rom, teen, viol, voy
Pairings Used: 3+, FF, MF
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David Stroud survived his first year at The Woodward Academy, and managed to make a few friends. His second year promises to be as problematic as his first, however.

Over-eager girls, tough classes, and a familiar acting strangely are just some of the things that David must face in the new year.

New friends enter the scene, as David gains some responsibility at the behest of the Dean. Will the school come to accept the demighost as one of their own, or will he forever remain an outcast?

Sequel to The Woodward Academy, Year 1.