Life as a Teenage Human Girl

(Serial / Novel - In Progress)

Rated R
Originally Posted on: 2012-05-17
Last Updated on: 2012-07-09
Genre(s): Action , Drama , Fantasy , Humor , Science Fiction
Code(s) Used: teen
Pairings Used: ff
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There was a Plan. But we all know that plans never go to plan. Join Emily, Ben, Mum and friends as their plans just don't seem to go to plan. How will Emily Cope. And what will she do now she's got some news from Home, how will this news change the plans now? Is it time for Emily to go to Plan B?

You will Find Magic, Humor, Fantasy, Action And I hope more in the 1st of my storeys to find it's way out of my head and in to a typed format for others to read.