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2016-Dec-8 @ 6:12 AM
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Grey Jedi

The Jedi Order.  The shining light of hope for the Republic.  That is, until it is toppled by the Sith and the Galactic Empire.  In the aftermath of this catastrophe, two young Jedi Knights escape into hiding together.  But with the Jedi Council gone, how will they come to terms with their blossoming feelings for each other?  Is there still a purpose for them in this rapidly-changing galaxy?


2017-Jan-30 @ 11:13 PM
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all of the quote marks (single and double) are showing up as black diamonds with question marks in them. I haven't seen that before, i'm wondering if you are using a different font in the creation process that i might be missing.


Edit: typed a name other then Crusader under the 'thanks'


2017-Jan-30 @ 11:52 PM
Eric Storm
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This is a mixture of problem between Firefox (usually) and Windows.  He's most likely using Smart Quotes (an annoying little feature of Word and other word processors).  Such extended characters often do not translate into the browser well.

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