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Submissions in the last 7 days

Smoky Slut Sally and Hairy Horny Hannah, by CreepyUnclePete
Rated XXX
Drama, Romance
caution, inc, rom, scat, solo, ws, young, 3+, bg, gF, gM, gg, gm
Total # of Downloads: 202
Median Downloads Per Unit: 202
Date Last Updated: 2024-07-13
Status: Serial / Novel - In Progress
Latest Unit Posted: Chapter 1
Chapter 1

Military officer retires and gets his dream, preschool nymphomaniacs.

CAUTION - Includes oral sex, anal sex, smoking, diaper/toilet play, little girls with pubic hair, and sex at very young ages. Some codes / activities are in later chapters.

Gay Party Orgy, by donkeyside6543
Rated XX
ny, MM
Total # of Downloads: 14
Median Downloads Per Unit: 14
Date Last Updated: 2024-07-13
Status: Short Story
Chapter 1

Letting Her Stay, by Limnophile
Rated X
Drama, Romance
coer, rom, voy, 3+, FF, MF
Total # of Downloads: 504
Median Downloads Per Unit: 121
Date Last Updated: 2024-07-11
Status: Serial / Novel - In Progress
Latest Unit Posted: Chapter 4
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4

Should he divorce his cheating wife, or keep her as a sex toy?
What if a stunningly beautiful new woman enters the picture?